Hope is always looking toward the light, even when it seems the world is dark. Hope has wings. Deep in the background of this painting are two scraps of psalms that I took from a Book of Praise hymnal from the 1940s; you can barely see the music notes on the top right and bottom…

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Redeemed Acrylic on Canvas

This painting is a bit larger, 18×22, I think. I found a photograph of two horses in this type of pose and something about it was vey compelling to me. I have been wanting to paint from that inspiration for months. I called this “Redeemed.” I listened to my JJ playlist (Jesus Jams. For real,…

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Blue Serenade

Blue Seranade © Monica Yother

This is a small wood panel, 12×12, I think. It was a quiet Saturday afternoon when I finished it, and slightly overcast so the studio was just a bit cool. I started with a thick layer of gesso, then a layer of the darkest blue, Prussian blue, which seems to find it’s way into most…

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Pointe Shoes study

Pointe of art ©monica yother

This is a quiet piece…no color, just the texture and details of pointe shoes. I enjoyed being able to slow down and really study this pose..a study using my eyes and hands. It is 16×20 acrylic on canvas. SOLD

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A White and Gray Horse Painting

This was painted in acrylics…it was all about the textures and shapes. I wanted to create something more quiet than I normally do, so I limited the palette to whites, warm grays with just a little blue for a cool accent. (literally cool as in temperature). I sold this to a young guy who came…

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SING ©monica yoither

This painting is very close to my heart. It was inspired by a song called, “Sing”, by some band that I would not normally listen to, My Chemical Romance. I mention that because if you do happen to listen to it, you may recognize some of the elements in this painting. (My currently 17 year…

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Symphony in Blues

Symphony in Blue

I enjoyed the texture and contrasting smoothness on this. I had it in the front window of the studio for about a week, and it sold. I will do more in this style though. It was a very relaxing experience painting it!

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A Non-Traditional Portrait

Merlin- a Non-Traditional Portrait

Recently I had the pleasure of painting a non-traditional portrait. A gentleman and his wife were in the studio around Christmas and asked about a painting they had seen some months before. It reminded the wife of one of her horses, Merlin. I told them I had sold it, and they were disappointed. A little…

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A Gift

. Recenty I was commissioned to paint a very special painting for a gentleman’s wife as a birthday gift. She is the director of a high school color guard, and clearly loves doing this. I asked the husband to share a little about her favorite performance and he sent some photos and a video of…

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A Study in lines

This was a joy to paint. I was looking through some images of dancers-I don’t remember exactly what I was looking for, but when I came across one of a female dancer arched back, I stopped. I was captivated by just this one section…I loved the lines created by her back and the fabric in…

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