SING ©monica yoither

This painting is very close to my heart. It was inspired by a song called, “Sing”, by some band that I would not normally listen to, My Chemical Romance. I mention that because if you do happen to listen to it, you may recognize some of the elements in this painting. (My currently 17 year old daughter informs me that this song is not typical of the group’s style, in case you listen to any of their other music lol!)

I have had many offers to buy the original, but right now I am not ready to part with it. The painting took several months because it kept developing in its meaning. I “listened” to this painting as I worked, and it kept showing me things. Even now, when I look at it, I find details that represent ideas and emotions. It is large, 30 x 40, and I just bought two more canvasses to create more in this style…I have to. But I don’t know what they will be yet…but I’ll know when it’s time.