A Gift

Recenty I was commissioned to paint a very special painting for a gentleman’s wife as a birthday gift. She is the director of a high school color guard, and clearly loves doing this.

I asked the husband to share a little about her favorite performance and he sent some photos and a video of one of their performances. The music was beautiful and something I have heard before. The name of their performance was “Balance”, and that fit it perfectly.

I paint the energy and movement with dancers, but this was a differnt kind of energy. Taking my inspiration from the music, the energy was much quiter and focused inward. It made me think about finding a balance within, even when life is very bumpy and there are distractions at very turn. I am grateful and quite humbled to have been asked to create this gift for his wife…her birthday happens to be on the same day as mine, and seeing the husband’s happy face when he picked up the painting truly was a gift to me