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Pointe Shoes study

Pointe of art ©monica yother

This is a quiet piece…no color, just the texture and details of pointe shoes. I enjoyed being able to slow down and really study this pose..a study using my eyes and hands. It is 16×20 acrylic on canvas. It’s in the studio.

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This ballet painting was in my studio for a while. I did it as a series of studies. There were 4 in the series (thought I am doing some sketches now for more in this style). Last week a gentleman called and said he would like to buy it for his girlfriend as a surprise.…

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A Gift

. Recenty I was commissioned to paint a very special painting for a gentleman’s wife as a birthday gift. She is the director of a high school color guard, and clearly loves doing this. I asked the husband to share a little about her favorite performance and he sent some photos and a video of…

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A Study in lines

This was a joy to paint. I was looking through some images of dancers-I don’t remember exactly what I was looking for, but when I came across one of a female dancer arched back, I stopped. I was captivated by just this one section…I loved the lines created by her back and the fabric in…

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Foot Work

I finished this piece a few weeks ago, in between a couple of other dance related paintings. It is smaller, 11×14 in acrylic.

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A couple of years ago, Huntsville Museum of Art invited me to participate in their annual fundraiser, a wine tasting event. I was asked to create some art during the reception portion of the dinner, and decided (for the sake of time and mess) to paint this digitally. I wanted to capture the idea of…

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Bold Dancer

Created for the 2012-2013 Season of Huntsville Ballet, I called this Bold Dancer. After standing still for a few years, I wanted her to move. The challenge with a ballet season art piece is that the format is very tall and narrow so that it fits on the many marketing pieces it’s used for.

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Huntsville Ballet Woman

The ballet woman was created for Huntsville Ballet in 2009. She was a dramatic break from any image that the organization had ever used, and was greeted with great enthusiasm by the ballet director, Philip Otto.

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Between Notes

Painted in acrylic on canvas. This piece was on exhibit at the Von Braun Center, Arts Council hall, and was sold.

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