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Horse & Hound

Peanut, a Portrait of Love

dog portrait

This is Peanut, and I had the honor of painting his portrait in oil. This is in memory of a sweet and treasured family member of someone who loved him so very much. She wanted to be sure and include his favorite blue toy.

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More than a dog portrait

finished dog portrait of rebel

This is Rebel. I met him when his person-mom brought him to the studio not long ago. She wanted a dog portrait, and since he was right there I tried to get a good reference photo. Well here’s how that went: I should mention that this group of photos was taken in a bout 2…

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Lucy – Another Dachshund Portrait

For the last eight years, Lucy has been a delightful visitor in the studio. She belongs in the studio across the hall from me, and lately has taken to trotting herself over for a short visit, which means good ear scratches and neck rubs (for her, of course). When she’s done, or more likely, when…

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Symphony in Blues

Symphony in Blue

I enjoyed the texture and contrasting smoothness on this. I had it in the front window of the studio for about a week, and it sold. I will do more in this style though. It was a very relaxing experience painting it!

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Dear Sassie

This is Sassie. She was my mom’s dog and constant companion and she instantly became a part of our family when my mom passed. We A.D.O.R.E. this dog. She is a bit bossy, a bed hog, very noisy when she eats and drinks, and follows every good meal with an impressive belch. But she is…

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PJ Funny Bunny – A Traditional Portrait

PJ Portrait in Oil

This is PJ Funny Bunny. His owner told me he arrived at that name because of his ears. I see this horse all the time because he is boarded at the same place our Thea is. Marti is the owner, and her husband, Anthony asked me to do this portrait for her as a surprise.…

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A Non-Traditional Portrait

Merlin- a Non-Traditional Portrait

Recently I had the pleasure of painting a non-traditional portrait. A gentleman and his wife were in the studio around Christmas and asked about a painting they had seen some months before. It reminded the wife of one of her horses, Merlin. I told them I had sold it, and they were disappointed. A little…

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Domino - 16 x 20 on canvas

This is Domino, she is our horse’s pasture buddy. She is very sweet! Her features are on the small and feminine side, and she has thick, long lashes. She belongs to Alison and is used for lessons for little riders. I watched one of the young riders put her halter on the other day; it…

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Autumn Equine

Autumn by Monica Yother

This makes me think of Autumn with it’s lingering warm air some days and cooler breezes in the evenings. I used a burlap strip to help create the textured ground. I have this in the studio now.

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