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The Sketchbook Project

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I am so enjoying this process. It may look like random marks and colors, but that is the joy of art journaling; we can create our own language, in a way, To me, these marks and patterns have meaning.

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Page 2

After a busy work day I was pretty wiped out, but instead of watching TV after dinner, my daughter invited me to hang out in her room, listen to music and have “art time”. How could I possibly turn that down? It was wonderful, peaceful and refreshing. This is inspired by how the rest of…

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Page one

We cannot use gesso or acrylic, so this is a mixture of watercolor, ink, inktense pencils, and a little gelato. In keeping with my theme, I decided to leave a small circle almost blank to represent a moment that day where I was still. It was in the afternoon, while I was looking at the…

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The theme

I’ve selected the theme for my book. Standstills. But my take on this is not “standstill” as a negative thing; it will be more like “Stand still”, or really, “BE still”. There have been times when my life has slowed down to a standstill just so that I would BE still. This usually happens either…

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I’ve joined a global art project

My friend Kami gave our little group of friends each a wonderful gift. It’s a small blank sketchbook, which is no ordinary sketchbook. First, it came in this packaging: Anything I have to open by unwinding red string is magic. Now I need to pick a theme from their list, though the content can be…

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