Dear Sassie

This is Sassie. She was my mom’s dog and constant companion and she instantly became a part of our family when my mom passed. We A.D.O.R.E. this dog. She is a bit bossy, a bed hog, very noisy when she eats and drinks, and follows every good meal with an impressive belch. But she is always happy, loves to go for rides or walks, and I am sure if she were human would be that cool grandmother that rides a Harley and has an interesting past.

I asked the kids to pick a photo of her for me to paint, and they both picked this pose. When her ears are flipped back she goes from cool grandmother to the sweet and doting old lady we call, “Helga.” My daughter and I came up with this whole story about the personality she would have as “Helga.” But this post is about the painting, and you are probably already wondering why I am telling you all this anyway. It’s part of my new marketing thing, that’s really in style now, called, “Being a real person.”

“Dear Sassie” is painted in oil on canvas and is 16×20. We (the kids and I) wanted her to have a background that was sort of old world looking to go with her pose, and I think it complements her well. Our favorite Sassie features are her sweet eyes and chunky paws. And her wrinkles. So I paid special attention to these. When painting a portrait of a beloved four-legged family member, I think it is important to know what the favorite features are.

If you would like to tell me stories about your pet, or would like me to capture the favorite features of your dog (or horse, or even cat!) please let me know.