This ballet painting was in my studio for a while. I did it as a series of studies. There were 4 in the series (thought I am doing some sketches now for more in this style). Last week a gentleman called and said he would like to buy it for his girlfriend as a surprise. He wanted to pay for it on Thursday, but bring her by the studio on Saturday to “look” for it…and I was supposed to say, “Oh, I am so sorry, I sold it on Thursday.” And after a dramatic pause, he was going to say, “Good thing it was to me!” That would be my cue to present it. Well, they showed up on Saturday, but I didn’t get to say my line, because he told me as they walked in, “The gig is up, she figured it out.”

When I was talking to him on the phone, I told him I would text him an image of the painting to make sure we were talking about the same one, and that’s when I realized, for some reason, I had never taken a photo of this painting! If I did, I could not find it.

So here she is, Ballet Study 1. Acrylic and some pastel. Now I really must do some more in this series!

Ballet Study 1 ©Monica Yother - a ballet painting
ballet art wrapped to go monica yother

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