Hartlex Antiques

I’ve driven past Hartlex Antique Gallery for years and never gone in. I remember when they used to be in what was later Hobby Lobby and then something else, (I don’t remember what). It’s very nice, and much fancier than the antique stores I normally go to, plus I was surprised by the amount of artwork in there…but I guess that’s why it’s called Gallery. Each room or section had walls filled with paintings, some with grand frames, some very old, some well done reproductions and a few local pieces. The downstairs had a variety of items, and that’s where I found my treasures. The first thing I noticed was a stack of books.

Finds at Hartlex Antiques
Finds at Hartlex Antiques

Pages for mixed media and art journaling! These date to 1957! It’s fun to read encyclopedia entries from THE MIDDLE OF THE LAST CENTURY. I also found this precious book for kids, “A Child’s Garden of Verses” by Robert Louis Stevenson from 1953. This will NOT be cut up. I will make copies of pages to use because the illustrations are lovely, though.

A beautiful classic

I also found this handmade tree stamp. I’ll make some papers to use in mixed media and art journaling.

I love this stamp! A treasure from Hartlex Antiques
I love this stamp! A treasure from Hartlex Antiques

And finally, I found this small painting in a frame. The painting is a print, actually now that I think about it, but I LOVE the frame. So I’ll put something new in there.

Another find from Hartlex Antiques...love this frame
Another find from Hartlex Antiques…love this frame

Hartlex Antique Gallery
6515 University Dr, Huntsville, AL 35806.