Lowe Mill took part in a Creative Exchanges Initiative that brought artists from Haiti to Lowe Mill for a week. We were invited to participate by having an artist visit our studio and if possible, collaborate on a project. I was happy to be a part of this creative exchange and welcomed Mike to studio 127. He is a student in Maryland at the moment, studying graphic design and studio art….same as I did. I enjoyed our conversations and our work on this pastel piece. We began by each painting one thing on the paper to sort of get us started…then we both took turns adding colors and shapes, and switching sides a couple of times.By the end we both were adding details and filling empty spots. We actually ended with an unpainted area, but that was okay; after we both signed the art it looked finished. It was the first time I had created like that (outside of college classes), and it was very rewarding. Sort of a conversation between us, the pastels and the paper. Art is universal and timeless. The theme of this was to “make the most of this moment.” And I think that is an excellent idea.

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