Monica Yother - artist

I am an artist (and graphic designer) living in Huntsville, Alabama. My illustrations have been used for murals, editorial use, books, magazine covers, advertisements and other marketing uses. This website is focused only on my paintings, prints and studio. For more information about my graphic design business, please visit MY Designs, please click here.

Much of my art work is commissioned by organizations or private individuals. When left to my own devices, my favorite subjects include dance, horses and abstracts. I paint in oil, acrylics, watercolor, pastels, as well as graphite, charcoal and mixed media. The prime focus of my work is capturing the energy and grace of the subject. In the abstract work, I explore textures, form, color and rhythm. Prints can be made of most of the work in the studio, and on this website. 


In 2018 I am excited to be introducing two new activities in the studio. Open Studio Saturday is when you can drop in the studio and create something using my supplies. Each session will be different; for example we might paint on a canvas one session, but next time we will paint on wine glasses, or create a mixed media. It's going to be a lot of fun! Check here for the schedule.

The other activity is an ongoing Art Journaling group. We'll meet in the studio once a month and work on creating an art journal. If you are not familiar with Art Journaling, it is a creative way to document life....and NO drawing skills are required! You can learn more here.

My studio is located in Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, home to over 200 working artists and the largest privately owned arts centers in the country. Come visit me in Studio 114 to see my work, take a workshop or just enjoy a cup of coffee and conversation.